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Duff Mitchell, Juneau Alaska City Captain Talks Drive Electric Week

Plug In America Podcasts - 15 August 2017 - 6:56am

In this episode, Bob Tregilus interviews Duff Mitchell, serving for the fourth year running as National Drive Electric Week City Captain in Juneau, Alaska.


*Apologies to listeners, as recording session experienced some technical difficulties.*


Duff W. Mitchell
Managing Director
Office Phone 907-789-2775
Cell Phone 907-723-2481

Guest’s website(s):

About Juneau Hydropower

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Chelsea Sexton, EVs: Policy and the Future, Part 2

Plug In America Podcasts - 24 July 2017 - 11:42pm

In part two of a two piece interview, Bob Tregilus talks with long-time electric car champion, Chelsea Sexton. This show focuses on the future of electric cars, as well as policy issues surrounding them.

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