May 2015 Meet-Up @JockeyClub

A meet-up at the Jockey Club Happy Valley. Pool-Side BBQ.

Charged Hong Kong is having a member's meet-up at the Jockey Club Happy Valley. We've arranged free parking for all, and a poolside BBQ.

  • A selection of Asian, International and Surf & Turf Barbecue Buffet menus
  • Unlimited serving of house beer, orange juice and soft drinks throughout the dinner
  • No Service charge
  • Free Use of Car Parking facilities
  • Children prices are only available between age 3-10
  • Menu subject to change and item substitution

Pricing for associate members will be HK$350/adult or HK$220/child.

Pricing for founder and ordinary members will be HK$300/adult or HK$170/child.

Cancellation with full refund available until 14 days before the event.


Menu: Food Plaza Feast BBQ Pool Party 美食廣場特色燒烤套餐

Start & Refresh

  • Chef’s Choice of Sushi and Maki Rolls, 廚師精選壽司卷物拼盤
  • Charcuterie Platter of Ham, Ox Tongue and Cold Roast Chicken, 火腿牛脷燒雞凍肉盤
  • Seafood Salad with Celery and Balsamic Dressing, 西芹海鮮沙律
  • Swiss Cervelat Salad with Emmenthal Cheese, 瑞士芝士香腸沙律
  • Indian Potato and Sea bass Salad with Chilli and Coriander, 印式烤魚薯仔沙律
  • Smoked Duck Breast and Mixed Bean Salad, 煙鴨胸雜豆沙律
  • Sweet Yam and Broccoli Salad, 甜葛西蘭花沙律
  • Marinated Eggplant and Capsicum Salad, 茄瓜甜椒沙律
  • Cherry Tomato, Oak Leaves, Yellow Frisee, Sweet Corns, 車厘茄、橡葉菜、九牙菜、粟米
  • Romaine Lettuce, Iceberg and Arugula Leaves, 各式空運新鮮蔬菜 - 羅文菜、西生菜及火箭菜

Dressings & Condiments

  • Thousand Island Dressing, French Dressing and Vinaigrette Dressing, 千島汁、法汁、洋醋汁
  • Chilli, Peanuts, Coriander and Spring Onions, 辣椒、花生、芫茜、青葱
  • Deep-fried Shallots, Preserved Vegetables and Dried Raisins, 炸乾葱、柞菜、提子乾

Out of the Kettle

  • Russian Bortsch Soup with Beef, Beets and Sour Cream, 傳統俄羅斯羅宋湯
  • Assorted Bread Basket, 各式麵包

Over Fire & Coal

  • Hickory Smoked U.S. Baby Pork Ribs, 煙燻美國豬仔骨
  • Australian Lamb Chops, 澳洲羊扒
  • Australian Beef Fillet Mignons, 澳洲牛柳
  • Korean Marinated Cuttlefish, 韓式烤墨魚
  • Marinated Canadian Beef Short Ribs with Coffee and Sugar, 炭燒牛肋骨
  • Indian Salmon Tandoori Fillets, 印式燒三文魚
  • Chicken Skewers with Leek, 雞肉大蒜串標
  • German ‘Nurenberger’ Pork Sausage, 德國紐倫堡腸
  • Marinated Tiger Shrimps with Dill and Lemon, 香草檸檬老虎蝦
  • Herb Baked Tomato Wedges, 香草焗番茄
  • Sweet Corn on the Cob, 甜粟米
  • Char Grilled Bell Pepper and Onion Wedges with Rosemary,炭燒香草洋葱及甜椒
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Bacon Bits, 蒜香薯蓉配煙肉
  • Fried Rice with Chicken and Lettuce, 生炒雞肉飯
  • Gratinated Spaghetti with Mushroom and Sausage, 芝士白菌腸仔焗意粉
  • Grilled Eggplants with Herbs, 香草扒茄子
  • Pepper-Mustard Sauce, 胡椒芥末汁
  • Tomato Basil Sauce, 羅勒番茄汁
  • ‘Oriental’ Coriander-Lime Cream Sauce, 中式芫茜青檸汁
  • Fruity BBQ Sauce, 果香烤肉汁
  • Selection of Mustards, 各式芥末

Together with the Coffee

  • Sweetened Papaya Soup with Snow Fungus and Almond, 木瓜雪耳糖水
  • Pumpkin-Cheese Cake Squares, 南瓜芝士蛋糕
  • Exotic Fruit Platter with Berries and Mint, 時令鮮果盤
  • Swiss Rolls with Apricot Jam, 黃莓瑞士卷
  • Cherry Pudding with Rosemary, 車厘子布甸
  • Belgium Chocolate Tart, 比利時朱古力撻
  • Blueberry Roulade with Chocolate Sauce, 藍莓朱古力瑞士卷
  • Tiramisu in Cup, 意大利芝士杯
  • Selection of Coffee or Tea, 咖啡 或 茶


May 29th, 2015 6:00 PM through 10:00 PM
Shan Kwong Road
Happy Valley Jockey Club House
Happy Valley,
Hong Kong
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Event Fee(s)
BBQ Buffet Prices
Adult BBQ Buffet HK$ 350.00
Child (3-10) BBQ Buffet HK$ 220.00

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