Tesla Motors Special Interest Group

As you may know, Charged Hong Kong has been setup to represent owners of all electric vehicles in Hong Kong, not just Tesla Motors cars. Accordingly, we arranged the constitution such that we could setup individual owner's groups, each with their own representative at the executive committee level (section 13, if you are interested in the details).

During a recent meeting, we agreed to form the first such Special Interest Group - for Tesla Motors owners and enthusiasts. We're pleased to announce that by unanimous approval of the executive committee, Mr Locky Law has been asked to represent that group for the foundational year.

Mr Law has been an enthusiastic member of the local Tesla Motors owner community, and has been instrumental in such initiatives as the best/worst car park list, Line communications group, Model S floor mats group buy, and many others.

Mr Mark Webb-Johnson, Chairman Charged Hong Kong, commented that "Locky was the clear choice for first representative, and we have invited him to represent the owners of Tesla Motors vehicles in Hong Kong. We are grateful that he has accepted the role, and look forward to working with him on the executive committee".

The previous unofficial "Tesla Motors Club Hong Kong" will be merged in under the new Tesla Motors Group, and come under the Charged Hong Kong umbrella organisation.

March 2015 Figures

As at end of March 2015, there are 1984 EVs in use, up from less than 100 in end 2010. At present, 39 EV models from seven countries have been type-approved by the Transport Department (TD). These include 26 models for private cars and motorcycles, 13 models for public transport and commercial vehicles. The EVs which have been type-approved by TD and are available for sale in Hong Kong* as at March 2015 are listed as follows.


April 2015 Newsletter

We’re pleased to be able to announce that we’ve managed to complete the government registration formalities, and Charged Hong Kong has received it’s society registration certificate #54000. We are now legally formed and ready to go.


We can now begin accepting memberships. As previously announced, we’ve got four levels of member:

LCQ21: Reduction of vehicle emissions as well as training for and shortage of vehicle mechanics

Hong Kong (HKSAR) - Following is a question by the Hon Chan Hak-kan and a written reply by the Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam-sing, in the Legislative Council today (March 25)

The questions, and government responses can be seen here:


February 2015 Newsletter

Since our launch event a few weeks ago, we’ve received a large number of enquiries about membership and how people can help. This is just a short note to keep you up to date on our progress with the establishment of Charged Hong Kong, and to let you know what will happen, and when.

It is important to point out that we are building this association for the long-run. Something that can be inclusive for all owners/enthusiasts of electric vehicles in Hong Kong, and something that can accelerate real change. For that reason, we want to ensure that we have a strong foundation.

Website and Constitution

We’ve established a website (charged.hk), agreed on a constitution (which you can view online at charged.hk/constitution), and formed the founding executive committee. Applications have been made to the Societies Office and the Inland Revenue Department, for the registration of our society. We are now waiting for the result from the relevant government departments, but we hope that these applications will be successful, and that we can be registered and up-and-running, before the end of February.

Membership Types

Once these registrations have been complete, and the bank account is open, we can begin accepting memberships. We’ve agreed the following offerings:





致力於加快推動充電式電動車於香港的普及化之組織 - 『電動香港』已 於2015年1月25日星期日在港正式成立。該日並有70多位電動車愛好者駕駛30多輛電動車見證這項盛事。

『電動香港』新任主席Mark Webb-Johnson 致辭時表示:「電動車對改善香港的空氣質素非常重要,因為電動車不但較傳統使用引擎的汽車有更高效率,更可達致廢氣零排放。」Webb-Johnson先生其後補充:「『電動香港』將有效地協助香港駕駛者更加容易地成為電動車駕駛者。」



如欲了解更多有關『電動香港』的資訊,或有意加入成為會員,歡迎登入網站 :charged.hk。



如欲了解更多關於『電動香港』的資訊, 請登入網站 charged.hk 或聯絡:
Edwin Lee



Tesla Roadster Driver Explains EV Life in Hong Kong

Hong Kong isn’t a big place. Its total area, including Hong Kong Island and the portion on the Mainland, is only 426 square miles. More than half the population of seven million people lives in private housing—though much of it consists of high-rise flats rather than single-family abodes. So it seems like an ideal place to own a plug-in electric vehicle.


But the private home ownership is one of the biggest barriers to expansion of plug-in electric vehicle ownership in Hong Kong, Tesla Roadster owner Mark Webb-Johnson told PluginCars.com. The property developers won’t let owners install charging stations in the parking space that belongs to the flat because it would require using wiring and space that is owned by the building rather than the resident, he said.

For Webb-Johnson, that isn’t an issue, however. He has an ideal setup for owning a plug-in electric vehicle. And, he admits, overall Hong Kong is doing a pretty good job of promoting expanded use of plug-in electric vehicles.

Read more here: http://www.plugincars.com/tesla-roadster-driver-explains-ev-life-hong-ko...

Electric Vehicles Bring Cleaner Air to Hong Kong


The formation of Charged Hong Kong promises to accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles in Hong Kong

FOR RELEASE 27 January 2015

HONG KONG – Seventy Electric Vehicle (EV) enthusiasts, along with their 30 EVs, celebrated on Sunday, 25 January 2015 the establishment of Charged Hong Kong, an association dedicated to supporting and accelerating the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles in Hong Kong.

“Electric vehicles are critical to improving air quality in Hong Kong because they are much more efficient and have minimal to zero emissions, as compared to conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines,” says Mark Webb-Johnson, newly-elected Chairman of Charged Hong Kong. “Charged Hong Kong will play an instrumental role in making it easier to operate and own an EV in Hong Kong,” added Mr. Webb-Johnson.

Charged Hong Kong will bring together EV owners and enthusiasts in Hong Kong to discuss and exchange ideas on promoting the use of EVs to replace conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines. The association serves to represent the collective views of EV owners to manufacturers, charging networks, the press, and the Hong Kong SAR Government.


November 2014 numbers

The Transport Department has released numbers for new car registrations, by fuel type, in November 2014.

September 2014 saw 99 new private electric cars registered, October 166, and November 51. Given the last pre-ModelS, pre-BMWi3 number from June 2014 was 340 private electric cars registered, and the November total of 831, we've seen almost 500 new electric cars on the road (more than doubling the June number) in five months.

In the January to June period of 2014, the ratio of petrol to EV new private car registrations was 468 to 1. Now, June to November, it is 18 to 1.

1 in 19 new private car registrations has a plug. Now that is progress.

We're now holding our breath for the December figures, which should see a big jump due to the end-of-quarter push from Tesla.

Note: These figures exclude government vehicles.


(and the full 2014 digest is available at http://www.td.gov.hk/en/transport_in_hong_kong/transport_figures/monthly...).


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