Tesla Motors Special Interest Group

As you may know, Charged Hong Kong has been setup to represent owners of all electric vehicles in Hong Kong, not just Tesla Motors cars. Accordingly, we arranged the constitution such that we could setup individual owner's groups, each with their own representative at the executive committee level (section 13, if you are interested in the details).

During a recent meeting, we agreed to form the first such Special Interest Group - for Tesla Motors owners and enthusiasts. We're pleased to announce that by unanimous approval of the executive committee, Mr Locky Law has been asked to represent that group for the foundational year.

Mr Law has been an enthusiastic member of the local Tesla Motors owner community, and has been instrumental in such initiatives as the best/worst car park list, Line communications group, Model S floor mats group buy, and many others.

Mr Mark Webb-Johnson, Chairman Charged Hong Kong, commented that "Locky was the clear choice for first representative, and we have invited him to represent the owners of Tesla Motors vehicles in Hong Kong. We are grateful that he has accepted the role, and look forward to working with him on the executive committee".

The previous unofficial "Tesla Motors Club Hong Kong" will be merged in under the new Tesla Motors Group, and come under the Charged Hong Kong umbrella organisation.

All members of Charged Hong Kong are welcome to join this Special Interest Group. Just login to our website, click My Account (top right), then choose Edit Groups to update your group memberships.

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