2016-09-10 PLA Autumn Festival

A special event for the PLA in Hong Kong, at their facility on Stonecutters Island.

Charged.hk has been invited to participate in a special event for the PLA in Hong Kong, at their facility on Stonecutters Island. Great timing, given the Drive Electric Week events occurring around the world that week.

In collaboration with the Collectors Car Club, we'll be showing a wide selection of cars, and Charged.HK has been invited to show EVs. There will be a vehicle parade, as well as show. Lunch will be provided, and each car can have 1 driver and 1 guest.

This is an opportunity to support the PLA in HK. They do a fantastic job, and it would be great to show them the future of transportation in Hong Kong.

Event timeline:

  • 08:00am vehicles arrive
  • 08:30am rehearsal of vehicle parade
  • 09:00am - 10:50am park at pier to allow cars to be viewed
  • 10:50am vehicle parade
  • Lunch will be provided
  • 12:30pm - 01:00pm vehicles depart

This is a volunteer event, lunch will be provided, and there will be no charge.

The number of vehicles is limited, and we will be showing both classic cars as well as EVs (the past as well as the future). There will be a maximum of one driver and one passenger per car, and all persons must be 16 years or older.

As we have a limited exhibition space for vehicles, and we want to ensure as much variety in the types of vehicles we show, sign-up is open to all charged.hk members. However, should too many vehicles of any one particular type request to attend, we will draw random lots to select the attendees. In such a case, priority will be given to founder members, ordinary members, then associate members (in that order). Please try to bring an 'unusual' EV. BMW i3. BMW i8. Nissan Leaf. Whatever, so long as it has a plug.

September 10th, 2016 8:00 AM through  1:00 PM
Chi Ngong Road
Stonecutters Island
Hong Kong